New Insurance Option for Nonprofits

June 12, 2018

A New Benefits & HR Management Option for Nonprofits 

We hear from our members all the time that healthcare benefits for employees is a huge challenge. The costs are high and rising fast. Small nonprofits have few options and little buying power.

With this in mind, Washington Nonprofits has been working to identify options for our members, and we have one new option that you might want to consider: outsourcing your human resources (HR) to a Professional Employer Organization (PEO). We learned of the PEO option when looking to set up benefits for our own staff. A PEO is a company set up to focus on HR management for other companies. They manage payroll, legal compliance, and benefits administration. The nonprofit customer pays a fee per staff member for HR management, and receives professional management of human resources and high-quality benefits options for staff, regardless of the nonprofit’s size. This option may not be for everyone, but it is worth considering, as delegating benefits administration and legal compliance around HR may leave your leadership with more time to dedicate to fulfilling your mission.

Washington Nonprofits is partnering with TriNet, a PEO with a large nonprofit practice area. Benefits available through TriNet include health insurance, a retirement plan, disability insurance and more. In addition, TriNet’s package for nonprofits offers access to several additional services at no additional cost such as a convenient online hiring platform and an expense tracking system complete with mobile app.

As a small nonprofit, we are excited to be offering these new benefits to our own staff through TriNet. As a statewide organization, I like knowing that our benefits will work for staff hired in any part of Washington, and that each staff person can choose the benefits package and provider that is a good fit for them.

TriNet will offer a 25% discount to Washington Nonprofits members who sign up for their services. To request more information about TriNet’s offerings, contact Robert Ricciardelli or fill out this temporary inquiry form (simply insert your organization’s information in the “Referred company info” and name Washington Nonprofits as the partner who referred you). To learn more about Washington Nonprofits’ discount programs, visit our Member Benefits page.

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