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September 2021 Connector

September 2021 Connector

We are happy to share a new Learning series, the Nonprofit Office Hours! These sessions will each be focused on a different subject but aimed at answering your questions as well as learning from you! Please join us for these open sessions to learn more and learn together! We also have a special post about recruiting diverse candidates and a new RFP opportunity - Outreach to Historically Disadvantaged Communities. Finally, learn more about how to create an accessible online presence.

Coastal WA

Networks of nonprofits gather in Washington's coastal communities, from Whidbey to Long Beach. Washington Nonprofits works with the Medina Foundation to bring nonprofit learning to a number of ...

Southwest WA

Washington Nonprofits works closely with the Nonprofit Network of Southwest Washington to support nonprofit learning in SW Washington.   COWLITZ COUNTY   KLICKITAT COUNTY   CLARK ...

Central WA

There are two main regions of nonprofit activity in Central Washington. North Central Washington is served by the Community Foundation of North Central Washington and its Nonprofit Practices ...

Eastern WA

Spokane is a hub of activity related to nonprofit learning. Washington Nonprofits convenes a series of learning events with the support of a number of funders, including the Innovia Community ...

2016 Northwest Capacity Report

Washington Nonprofits is proud to partner with the four other northwest state nonprofit associations to release a comprehensive study on the capacity, strengths, and challenges of the region’s ...

Connector, December 2016

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Connector, November 2016

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