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Nonprofit Association of Washington (NAWA) makes sure that you and your nonprofit have access to learning opportunities that help you know what you need to know, strengthen your skills, and build connections with others. We work in partnership with content experts and local, statewide, and national partners to share information and connect you with resources that are relevant and timely.

We teach the foundations of nonprofit management and leadership through free and low-cost workshops as well as innovative resources and toolkits available whenever you need them. We actively model and promote diversity, equity, inclusion, and access while building nonprofit capacity across Washington State.

Our learning program is shaped around where and how you prefer to learn:

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In-Person & Online Classrooms – Workshops, Trainings, and Conferences

Nonprofit Association of Washington delivers high quality trainings on a wide range of topics online and in communities across Washington. Whether you’re interested in learning about finances, fundraising, equity, HR, board development, strategic planning, legal compliance, or other topics, we work with content experts to make sure the information in our trainings is current and actionable.

See our events calendar or list of learning events by topic for upcoming workshops and conferences.

NAWA also produces the annual Washington State Nonprofit Conference and supports other nonprofit conferences taking place around the state.

With Peers – Experts, Videos, and Toolkits

Learning often happens when you are together with colleagues. NAWA provides you with learning tools that can be used in meetings you’re already attending. For example, our short videos work well in 10-15 minutes set aside for learning within a board meeting. Our materials lend themselves to nonprofit network meetings, where you can show a clip of an expert speaking on a topic and use the discussion guide for conversation.

Visit NAWA’s extensive Learning Library to start learning about a wide range of topics and see how you can bring these resources back to your organization.

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On Your Own – Webinars, Videos, and Toolkits

Today’s technology allows you to learn when the timing is right for you. Maybe you need a refresher on how to read a balance sheet or ideas on how your board can raise more money. NAWA creates videos and supporting materials available in our Learning Library to help you learn online at your own pace and convenience. In addition, our partnership with MindEdge means that you can take their courses on a wide range of topics.

Nonprofit Fundamentals

Nonprofit Association of Washington has developed nonprofit fundamentals toolkits and trainings designed to strengthen your organization’s performance and decision-making. Sign up for one or more of these ongoing training sessions as a live webinar or in-person class, or view the recordings and download additional resources in our Learning Library. No matter how you engage with our resources on nonprofit fundamentals, you’ll be ready to take action to deliver on your organization’s mission.

  • Boards in Gear
  • Finance Unlocked for Nonprofits
  • Let’s Go Legal
  • Strategic Planning in Nonprofits
  • Build A Movement!
  • Tools for Running an Effective Nonprofit
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Learning Library

The Learning Library hosts NAWA’s nonprofit fundamentals toolkits on boards, finance, legal, strategic planning, and advocacy, as well as our resources on a wide range of topics including how to start or dissolve a nonprofit, workers in nonprofits, engaging in advocacy, tax basics, guidance from the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board regarding fundraising events, and much, much more.

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