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Nonprofit Association of Washington has developed nonprofit fundamentals designed to strengthen your organization’s performance and decision-making. Sign up for one or more of these ongoing training sessions as a live webinar or in-person class, or view the recordings and download additional resources in our Learning Library. No matter how you engage with our resources on nonprofit fundamentals, you’ll be ready to take action to deliver on your organization’s mission.
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Boards in Gear (BIG)

Boards play an important role in the success of any nonprofit by moving the organization’s mission forward and stewarding its assets and relationships. Strengthening the practice of nonprofit boards leads to more effective and sustainable results in achieving organizational missions to address poverty, education, social justice, health, environment, and other critical issues.

Boards in Gear covers the main areas of strong board practice: connection to cause, roles and responsibilities, how to build and sustain a great board, and engage board members in fundraising. This workshop will give you clear insight into board operations, development, fundraising, and advocacy.

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Finance Unlocked for Nonprofits (FUN)

Finance Unlocked for Nonprofits represents a departure from other finance trainings. Through this interactive, hands-on workshop, we work through the why, what, who, and how of nonprofit finance. We dig deeper into two key reports – Balance Sheets and Income Statements – and then cover what board members need to know about IRS Form 990, the intersection of finance and fundraising, and oversight. Healthy finance practice can be habit-forming when people are working within their comfort zones, so we discuss how to get your organization there. Find out what nonprofit finance has to do with BINGO, and play BINGO with your board to cement your knowledge!

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View our FUN videos & resources in our Learning Library.

Let's Go Legal! The right road to compliance and protection

Let’s Go Legal (LGL)

Let’s Go Legal covers the key topics board members need to know about legal compliance: state and federal law, fundraising, employment, and intellectual property. In Let’s Go Legal, you’ll learn how your organization is like a car. For example, you need to register both your car and your nonprofit with the state, and follow the “rules of the road” in how you operate. Fundraising is like the fuel that moves your car forward. Your employees, the people in your car, matter. And your intellectual property is special, like the look and feel of your car.

Let’s Go Legal covers what you need to know about each of these topics and provides an easy checklist to make sure your organization covers it all. We also take some deeper dives into nonprofit law topics along the way, such as by-laws and how to use them to strengthen your board practice, and advocacy with the public sector.

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Strategic Planning in Nonprofits (SPIN)

Do you need to develop or clarify strategies to achieve your nonprofit’s mission while also ensuring organizational health and sustainability? If so, Strategic Planning in Nonprofits is for you! Over the course of three 90-minute webinars and at-home work between sessions, we review the six phases in the planning process: preparing, listening, envisioning, planning, executing, and evaluating.

Strategic planning aligns your people and resources around a plan to achieve your mission, and this webinar series will set you on the path to developing a strategic plan that doesn’t sit on a shelf collecting dust. You’ll emerge with the tools and confidence to develop a strategic plan for your organization.

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Tools for Running an Effective Nonprofit (TOOLS)

Tools for Running an Effective Nonprofit is for leaders of all or mostly volunteer-run organizations wanting to learn the basics on how to deliver on your mission. We cover the fundamentals of running a small nonprofit by drawing on tested tips and tools, including NAWA’s four toolkits on boards, finance, law, and strategic planning (above). This workshop will help you map out concrete next steps for strengthening your organization.

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