Nonprofit Association of Washington (NAWA) values collaboration. We believe that communities are better served when nonprofits work with each other and with government, philanthropy, and business partners.

NAWA’s community engagement efforts build meaningful relationships across the wide range of people and organizations comprising our state’s nonprofit community. We intentionally develop partnerships with people and communities who are often underserved, and seek to ensure that our programs, resources, and gatherings are welcoming and culturally relevant. Our goal is to nurture and sustain nonprofit leaders to achieve shared visions, collaborate strategically, and deepen community impact.

Nonprofit Networks

Nonprofit Association of Washington recognizes the value of local and regional networks and seeks to partner and share information with local nonprofit groups. We encourage you to connect with local peers and coalitions like those listed below. In addition, contact your local community foundations and Chambers of Commerce to see if they offer nonprofit support.

Are we missing your local network? Connect with our Community Engagement Manager, Brissa Perez, () if you would like to see your network highlighted.

Affinity Groups

NAWA staff, non-profit folks, and volunteers improve their practice by joining others with similar roles or around a shared interest in a topic. NAWA convenes affinity groups to foster learning and mutual support in the nonprofit sector.

Current affinity groups:

  • Executive Director Coffee Hour – A space for Executive Directors or persons in executive roles to convene, support, and learn from each other. Monthly.
  • Rural Nonprofit Gathering – A space for rural nonprofit folks to gather, network, learn and share upcoming events/resources quarterly. We invite different partner organizations to present emerging topics for rural communities in WA. Quarterly.
  • Nonprofit Advocacy Workgroup – A space for convening nonprofit advocates to come together and coordinate their advocacy efforts or struggles, collaborate, and share current NAWA policy work. Monthly.

Contact our Community Engagement Manager, Brissa Perez, () to join the upcoming conversations of one or more affinity groups.

Equity Ambassadors

Equity Ambassadors keep us connected to communities across the state. They increase our visibility, identify unmet needs, enhance program relevance, and extend the reach of programming within underserved communities. Equity Ambassadors work together in 12 week cohorts. We prioritize recruitment of individuals who have lived experience and connection to Black, Indigenous, Persons of Color, immigrant, rural, LGBTQ+, and disability communities.

Community Engagers

NAWA regularly seeks out and listens to input from a core group of Community Engagers who host nonprofit capacity building events in their communities, maintain communication with nonprofit leaders, cultivate new relationships, and ensure that NAWA has a strong understanding of community needs. We believe that nonprofits are stronger when they have options for finding support and resources and are glad to share funds to support the work of our Community Engagers around the state.

Community Slack

Nonprofit Association of Washington’s Community Slack brings together board, staff, and volunteers in nonprofits around Washington State to connect and collaborate. Slack is an online chatroom where you can share information and resources, which allows peer-to-peer crowd-sourcing and learning. Join NAWA’s Community Slack and join the conversation!

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