NAWA Community Slack has switched to the Pro Account! 

Big news: NAWA’s Community Slack workspace upgraded from a free plan to a pro plan! 

What does this mean for current Community Slack members? 

The pro plan grants Community Slack members unlimited access to past conversations, files, and endless ways to stay connected. Sign-up and participation in the NAWA Community Slack remain free. 

How did NAWA make the upgrade? 

Launched in 2021, the NAWA Community Slack workspace provides a place for nonprofit community members to connect, collaborate, and strengthen the sector across Washington. As we piloted this new addition to our Community Engagement programming, we began with Slack’s free plan. Over time, we felt constrained by the limitations of the free plan, so we reached out to a representative to learn more about the Slack for Nonprofits discount program. To our surprise, we qualified for a free upgrade. We discovered one organization can apply for multiple workspaces, which allows NAWA to have workspaces for our staff team and the public Community Slack at no cost. 

With over 28 different channels on various topics, the pro account grants NAWA Slack Community subscribers unlimited access to past conversations, resources, and endless ways to stay connected with nonprofit partners.  

At NAWA, we like using Slack internally to communicate and share resources in real-time. On the other hand, our NAWA Community Slack is used as a shared Networking space for nonprofits in Washington State to converse with nonprofits in their region, share relevant information, and brainstorm solutions to specific inquiries. Our most popular Slack channels are the #funding & #jobs channels, where nonprofits from across the state can find various funding opportunities and post or share job opportunities. 

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