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ARPA & Washington State

The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) will bring more than $7 billion to Washington State.

Nonprofit and government collaboration is the key ensuring these funds support Washington Communities.

The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) is an opportunity for Washington to put the wellbeing of communities first. Our communities need help and nonprofits have been the bedrock of connecting with and uplifting Washington communities, especially during times of crisis and recovery.
ARPA went into effect on March 11, 2021 and is a $1.9 trillion economic stimulus package. Congress declared that:

State, local, Tribal, and territorial governments may use their allocations of the $350 billion in Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds to provide “assistance to households, small businesses, AND NONPROFITS, or to aid impacted industries.”

H.R. 1319, The American Rescue Plan Act, Sec.602(c)(1)(A), page 223

During the COVID crisis, we have seen that nonprofits are vital to providing both relief and recovery to our communities. Nonprofits are providing increased food assistance, mental health supports, childcare, and housing. They are training and placing people in jobs, educating children and adults, and caring for animals and our environment. Arts and cultural organizations are poised to revitalize our main streets and inspire communities. Nonprofits have responded to new needs but are feeling the strain of doing more with less, working long hours with fewer volunteers, and spending down limited reserves.
Let’s work together to ensure that nonprofits can continue their vital contributions to our recovery.

How Nonprofits Can Access ARPA Funding

Here we have resources on ARPA, grants we are aware of, as well as grantwriting resources.

Partnership Stories

Learn about how state and local Governments and nonprofits in Washington have worked together to support communities during the COVID crisis.

ARPA for Government Partners

ARPA is an amazing opportunity to support Washington communities. We have collected resources and guidance for how government can best support communities and nonprofits.
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10 Funding Principles for ARPA

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What Nonprofits Want Government Partners to Know

Partnership Stories
“Government needs community-based organizations. The public sector and businesses were not going to come to the rescue. They played their part, but it’s the nonprofits on the front lines staffing the food banks, providing the access to public services…so when ARPA dollars hit, it’s a question of how we best connect with our communities and then uplift and amplify what their needs and experiences are.”

– Leslie Haynes, United Indians of All Tribes Foundations

“We just wanted to get money into the right hands with few strings attached…working with partners who are close to the community was a no-brainer.”

– Cheryl Smith, Washington State Department of Commerce

Nonprofits are counted on to assist, lift, support, lean-in, and BE RELIABLE and RESPONSIVE. We are a part of the solution. Value us, show us with your actions. We are there in our communities, living, breathing, evolving, and demonstrating impact and outcomes. Just as you count on us, we count on you.

– Tracy Kahlo, PAVE/Partnerships for Action, Voices for Empowerment

Nonprofit Fundamentals

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Nonprofit Jobs

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