NAWA member: Ocean Shores Food Bank


Nonprofit Association of Washington offers membership options for nonprofits, philanthropy, businesses, government, and individuals. Choose the membership type that is the best fit for you and your organization. Have questions about which type of membership is right for you? Please contact Membership Manager, Elyse Rickard, at [email protected].


NAWA member: Helping Link/Một Dấu Nối

Nonprofit, Philanthropy, & Business Members

Annual Budget

Annual Dues

$0 – $50K


$50K – $150K


$150K – $500K


$500K – $1M


$1M – $3M


$3M – $5M


$5M – $10M




NAWA government member: Serve Washington


Agencies, municipalities, and other government entities

Annual Dues

Flat Rate


NAWA individual member: Erick Seelbach with Executive Director Laura Pierce

Individual Members


Annual Dues





Leadership Circle


Membership runs for one year starting on the date that you join. For nonprofit organization and philanthropy members, all of your staff, board, and key volunteers have access to membership benefits. If you join as a business or government member, then everyone on the team who serves nonprofits has access to membership. If you join as a household, everyone who lives with you has access to member benefits.

Community Slack

Join NAWA's Community Slack to engage with other nonprofit leaders around Washington for peer-to-peer connection and learning.

Upcoming Events

NAWA offers over 150 learning and networking opportunities a year to help you gain the knowledge, skills, and connections you need to succeed.

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