Dear Nonprofit Colleague, 

As I write to you today, democracy is on my mind. It is not always acknowledged that nonprofits are central to and interdependent with democracy—only democratic countries have a robust independent sector. Our sector promotes civic engagement and develops civic-minded leaders who volunteer, vote, donate, and even run for elected office. We also do something else that is needed at this time—we develop compassion. As we work side by side in food banks, schools, parks, and animal shelters, we learn about the systemic causes of suffering and see those we serve as real people worthy of compassion and support. We reduce partisanship as people working together for a common cause. This is happening in large and small ways throughout our sector, and without it, we would be more isolated and less human.
Therefore, as we read about threats to democracy in the United States, we should also be doubling down on our commitment to maintaining a strong nonprofit sector. We are vital to a continued working democracy and to COVID recovery. Our work is essential. Lawmakers and the general public need to hear this message more often. NAWA is a pathway to do so, and I encourage you to get more involved as we advocate for greater investment in nonprofit’s work in the community and greater respect for our role in civil society. The first step is NAWA membership—please make sure your membership is current or join today. Together, we can lift up nonprofit work and ensure that we continue to uphold democracy.
In solidarity,


Laura Pierce | she/her 
Executive Director
[email protected]
855-299-2922 x 101

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