Next Steps in Network Leadership

September 26, 2018

Veni, Vidi, Vici
. Eat, Pray, Love. Learn, Connect, Act. Three is a magic number in more than just Schoolhouse Rock. Three is the number of times Washington Nonprofits has created the space to talk about collaboration in Central Washington. At a time when nonprofit leaders are stressed out yet eager to make a difference, we want to make sure they have every resource possible to succeed, including the chance to map a pathway forward in partnership with colleagues across their community.

On November 2, teams of nonprofit leaders will come together in Yakima to take action on the key lessons of network leadership. Jane Wei-Skillern, PhD and Marty Kooistra explained the concept at three Washington conferences last year, including the Central Washington conference in April. At its core, it is the idea that leading in collaboration is different from leading alone. If we are going to tackle the biggest challenges of our day, we are going to need to learn how to lead in partnership with others. Jane’s research points to four main tenets of network leadership: mission not organization, trust not control, node not hub, humility not brand. Marty has put this work into practice over many years as a leader in housing.

November 2 took shape out of post-conference community discussions in Wenatchee, Ellensburg, Yakima, and Kennewick. Conference attendees inspired by the topic came together again to explore what collaboration really means in their community. We learned the some communities have found ways to collaborate in innovative ways, such as the Tri-Cities arts community. Others see barriers: how will they convince their board that humility over brand is a good way to go, and how can they fundraise for a mission beyond their own? These are the questions we will tackle on November 2.

Ultimately the day will be successful if we start to peel away some of the layers of the leadership onion. People will strengthen their connection to a larger purpose and each other. We will build trust – and experience how to build trust— with board and colleagues outside the room. We will roll up their sleeves and get busy learning how to lead together.  We can’t wait!

For more information and the opportunity to register, click here.

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