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November 19, 2019

Our partner the Community Consulting Partnership (CCP) is offering two types of support to nonprofits:

  • Consulting support for nonprofit organizations in the Puget Sound region
  • Free executive coaching for executive directors, focused on Washington Nonprofits members outside King County

Read more about the results of our first coaching pilot below or go here to learn more about either coaching or consulting from CCP available now.

Our first round of coaching was a big success

Being an executive director (ED) is a hard job and can be lonely at times. There are unique challenges in leading a nonprofit organization and reporting to a board of directors. As one ED commented, “There are so many things I can’t talk about with my staff.”

Washington Nonprofits is experimenting with ways to support those of you who have bravely stepped into this leadership role. Last year, we listened to over 40 community leaders to learn what types of leadership development supports are most helpful (our report is here). We heard that coaching, mentoring, learning by doing, and reflecting on your work are preferred modes of professional development for many people. We also began a dialogue with the Community Consulting Partnership (CCP), a great community of organizational development consultants helping nonprofits. CCP offered to provide pro bono executive coaching for nonprofit EDs in our membership, and we were thrilled!

In winter 2019, CCP provided free coaching to fourteen EDs. Our evaluation confirmed that this pilot was very successful. Participants said:

ED’s are always supposed to be optimistic. Every other person a potential donor, so who do you hash concerns out with in a neutral way? Having someone to talk with, to use as a sounding board or get feedback from can be sanity saving.

Working as an ED of a nonprofit can be very lonely, and it has provided good support for me and helped me work through my biggest challenges in this role.

[My coach] was a light in the storm as our organization transitioned our ED position. She helped me keep a level head when I wanted to punch something.

I came in thinking “maybe I’m not suited for this work” and have moved to “I can do this, and I’ve got a great toolkit to employ when things go sideways.”

We are so pleased to announce that CCP will be offering free executive coaching to another group of Washington Nonprofits member EDs in Washington state outside King County in the coming months. Now is the time to express interest—read on to learn more.

Now is the time to express interest in coaching or consulting for early 2020

The Community Consulting Partnership (CCP) is offering two services for members of Washington Nonprofits:

  1. Free coaching for Executive Directors outside of the Puget Sound Region and
  2. Pro bono consultation for organizations within the Puget Sound Region.


Are you an executive director who would appreciate the opportunity to talk with someone about what’s happening in your organization? The Community Consulting Partnership is offering pro bono individual ED coaching with experienced consultants to Washington Nonprofits members located outside King County. As organization development practitioners, CCP consultants are best equipped to help you diagnose organizational issues, puzzle through group dynamics, and lead change.

Please watch for an email notice to members explaining how to express interest or inquire with Membership Manager Julia Hunter, [email protected].

Collaborative Consulting 

Community Consulting Partnership (CCP) is currently seeking applications for pro bono consulting services for organizations within the Puget Sound Region. New projects begin in the first quarter of 2020.

The application process is quick and simple – and available slots fill up fast – so please go to to apply or email us with any questions.

CCP consultants work with small to medium-sized nonprofits seeking to build capacity of their organizations through board development, strengthening core organizational identity, facing the future, communication and conflict management, and team building. CCP does not provide technical consulting services for fundraising, marketing, technology, or finance-related projects. 

The only cost to your organization is a $200 fee. In return for these services, CCP asks that your organization:

  • Engage: Collaborative consultation counts on staff and leaders of an organization bringing their experiences and understanding to the project. Success of the efforts depends on the consulting team and organizational insiders coming together to reflect, discuss, and learn.
  • Commit: CCP expects leaders and staff to make the project a priority from start to finish, generally 3-6 months.
  • Learn: Frequently projects take organizations in directions not seen at the beginning of a project. Curiosity, an open mind, and flexibility help the organization and team take advantage of insights and discoveries.

You can learn more about CCP by visiting

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