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Legal Checklist: Fundraising & Donations




  1. In Washington, nonprofits that solicit members of the public for donations and raise at least $50,000 annually or pay anyone to carry out the activities of the organization must (1) register as a Charitable Organization and (2) file yearly reports with the State.
  2. Certain donations require written acknowledgement for the donor to be able to take a tax-deduction.
  3. In some cases, donors may restrict how their gift can be used. An endowment is one kind of restricted gift.
  4. A number of laws impact how an organization can raise money, from holding a raffle to serving alcohol. Disclosure requirements apply to nonprofits.

Here are some questions to think about...

  • For donations received, does your nonprofit have a system for written acknowledgements that meets the required elements outlined in this chapter?
  • If your nonprofit has funds with donor restrictions, do you know what the tracking and accounting requirements are? Is your organization following through on required tracking?
  • What are your major fundraising activities? Do the activities involve alcohol and/or gambling, and if so, is your nonprofit staying compliant?

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