First aid is made up of two parts: people and supplies.

First Aid Personnel

Your organization must make sure that first-aid trained personnel are available to provide quick and effective first aid. For most nonprofits, this means quick access to a clinic or hospital. If there is not a clinic or hospital that can treat injured employees in near proximity to your workplace, a person(s) in your organization must be adequately trained to render first aid.

The Red Cross offers first aid and CPR classes in larger communities as well as online. L&I will accept online training cards.


Your organization must make sure first-aid supplies are readily available. The first-aid supplies must be appropriate for the work you are doing and the work site. First-aid kits from the store or a safety supplier should be adequate for most nonprofits. In your organization’s APP, consider identifying who is responsible for inventorying and restocking the first-aid supplies.

Make sure first-aid supplies are easily accessible to all employees. The first-aid supplies need to be stored in a container(s) that protect the supplies from damage, deterioration, or contamination. Make sure the container(s) is clearly marked and not locked (although the container may be sealed). You also need the ability to move the first-aid supplies to the location of an injured or ill worker.

About Automated External Defibrillators (AED)

Increasingly workplaces are providing AEDs. This is not required by law. If an AED is supplied and employees are expected to use the device, make sure employees receive training. Learn more on the American Heart Association’s AED Implementation webpage.

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