Washington Nonprofits COVID-19 Advocacy Update

April 14, 2020

Nonprofits are vital to society’s wellbeing. From food and shelter to arts and environmental conservation, we believe that all nonprofits offer essential services—services that must be continued safely during the crisis such as food banks and homeless shelters as well as services that must be assisted to resume as soon as it is safe to do so such as schools, museums, community development, and recreation.

We have organized a united campaign for all nonprofits. Join us!

Federal Advocacy

As Congress crafts new rounds of relief packages, we need to raise our voices and tell our Congressional representatives that nonprofits are vital and at-risk without governmental assistance. Major relief funding like the Paycheck Protection Program will come from the federal level.

Read our April 6 joint letter to the Washington State Congressional Delegation to learn more about policy solutions that will protect nonprofits. We are in sync with our national partners: CARES Act: New Nonprofit Provisions Pushed for Next Round of Relief Money.

Washington State Advocacy

Some relief and many recovery decisions will be made at the state level. Nonprofits need a seat at the table and strong relationships with legislators, the Governor’s Office, and key state agencies so that we are consulted and considered.

Read our April 6 joint letter to Washington State Elected Officials

What about specific subsectors? 

Nonprofits are diverse. We stand united, but we also have distinctive issues that affect different fields of service. Leaders from different fields are in the process of preparing briefs that provide an overview of the issues they are seeing in their field. Check back here for this supplemental information in the coming days and weeks.

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  • If you want to do even more, contact us to find out about the COVID-19 Nonprofit Advocacy Workgroup we have formed. Leaders from across the nonprofit sector are working together to shape and advocate for the priorities here. To learn more, coordinate with or join the workgroup, contact daniel[at]washingtonnonprofits.org.

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