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August 12, 2019

We have so many workshops and webinars planned for the 2019-2020 learning year, where do we begin?!

Starting in September, join us for a Fall of Fundraising – five online courses conveniently curated and bundled together for you. Digital fundraising, in-person fundraising events, grantwriting, strategy, year-end appeal letters – we’ll touch on nearly every aspect of the fundraising process. Want more? Check out the two-day virtual fundraising conference for small development shops.

We’re bringing Boards in Gear, Finance Unlocked for Nonprofits, and Let’s Go Legal to cities across the state. Want to take all three courses? Join the Next Level Nonprofit program – the East King County cohort starts in October!

Also on our list of events: Advocacy in Spokane (and online); QuickBooks in Seattle (and online).

Don’t miss us when we come to your town! See below for the complete listing of trainings this Fall:

9/5Washington Nonprofits Policy Advisory Call

9/9 (Spokane)Spokane Nonprofit Network Meeting

9/9 (Yakima)Central Wa Nonprofit Network Lunch & Learn

9/10 – 9/12: How To Raise Money: Key Elements for Building an Intentional Fundraising Program (Online)

9/10 (Newport)One River Nonprofit Network

9/13 (Aberdeen)Nonprofit Leaders Conference

9/17 (Vancouver)Volunteer Engagement Strategies for Success

9/18 (Pullman)Best Practices for Raising Money for Your Organization

9/18What You Need to Know to Serve on a Nonprofit Board (Online)

9/19How To Raise Money; How to Make Your Next Fundraising Event a Success (Online)

9/19 (Burlington)Ask, Thank, Report, Repeat fundraising workshop

9/21 (Seattle)Tools for Running an Effective Nonprofit

9/21 (Battle Ground)Tools for Running an Effective Nonprofit

9/24 (Walla Walla)2020 Census Info Session

9/24Partnerships between Businesses and Charities (Online)

9/25 (Spokane)Nonprofit Advocacy Workshop

9/26How to Craft a Winning Digital Fundraising Plan (Online)

10/1 (Everett)Finance Unlocked for Nonprofits

10/2: Next Level NonprofitBoards in Gear (Online)

10/2 – 10/3Virtual Conference for Small Development Shops (Online)

10/2 (Redmond)Boards in Gear

10/3 – 10/10: How To Raise Money: Ask, Thank, Report, Repeat – Year-End Fundraising (Online)

10/3 – 10/31The Complete Nonprofit Website Toolkit (Online)

10/8 (Colville)Tools for Running an Effective Nonprofit

10/8Census 101 for Nonprofits (Online)

10/8 (Seattle)Trainers as Leaders

10/9 (Vancouver)Boards in Gear

10/9 (Davenport)Tools for Running an Effective Nonprofit

10/10 (Chehalis)Strategic Planning in Nonprofits

10/10 (Colfax)Boards in Gear

10/11 (Spokane)Boards in Gear

10/15 (Shelton)Boards in Gear

10/16: Build A Movement! Part 1 – Everyday Advocacy (Online)

10/16 (Walla Walla)Building an Intentional Fundraising Program

10/17 (Spokane): Equity and Your Nonprofit Session I – What’s it about and how is your nonprofit a part of it?

10/17: How To Raise MoneyGrant Readiness: Prepare Your Annual Calendar of Grantwriting (Online)

10/17 (Aberdeen)Recruit the Board of Your Dreams

10/21 – 12/9 (on-demand): The Ultimate Grant Proposal Blueprint (Online)

10/23 (Seattle)Trainer Lunch and Learn

10/23: Build A Movement! Part 2 – Step-It-Up Advocacy (Online)

10/24Shaping the Ask (Online)

10/25 (Ilwaco)Let’s Go Legal

10/29 (Pullman)Strategic Planning in Nonprofits

10/30: Next Level NonprofitFinance Unlocked for Nonprofits (Online)

10/30How to Make Your Nonprofit Accessible (Online)

10/31 (Burlington)Finance Unlocked for Nonprofits

10/31 (Bellevue)Finance Unlocked for Nonprofits

11/1 (Sequim)Next Steps in Network Leadership

11/5 (Everett)Let’s Go Legal

11/5 (Spokane): Equity and Your Nonprofit Session II – Implicit Bias

11/6Conferences that Make a Difference (Online)

11/7 – 11/21The Accidental Techie (Online)

11/7 (Walla Walla)Aspiring Ally Work for Individuals

11/8 (Walla Walla)Aspiring Ally Work for Organizations

11/12 (Spokane)Spokane Nonprofit Network Meeting

11/12 (Yakima)Central Wa Nonprofit Network Lunch & Learn

11/13 (Newport)One River Nonprofit Network

11/15 (Spokane)Equity and Your Nonprofit Special Event – Ijeoma Oluo

11/16 (Yakima)Tools for Running an Effective Nonprofit

11/26 (Spokane)Equity and Your Nonprofit Session III – What’s next for your nonprofit?

12/3Washington Nonprofits Policy Advisory Call

12/4Next Level Nonprofit: Let’s Go Legal (Online)

12/5 (Bellevue)Let’s Go Legal

12/5 (Seattle)QuickBooks for Nonprofits

12/10 – 12/12QuickBooks for Nonprofits (Online)

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