A new tool to find relevant data for your organization

October 10, 2017

Do you wish you had better data about the community you serve? Not sure where to start? Headwaters Economics, a research consulting firm based in Montana, has developed some tools that aggregate federal data and make it available via free tools on their website. The Economic Profile System allows you to create a custom profile for your area with a wealth of information about demographics, local economics and land use. This information is continuously updated from federal sources including the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Bureau of the Census. A second tool, Populations at Risk, builds reports about populations more likely to experience adverse social, health or economic outcomes.

How might you use this data? Having up-to-date information on the communities you serve could help you in the following ways:

  • Strengthen your case for support in grants or donor appeals by providing data about community need
  • Pinpoint neighborhoods in greatest need of services Help check your assumptions about the makeup of your community
  • Inform strategic planning

We encourage you to check out this free resource.

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