Action Alert: Help Bring Broadband To All Of WA

August 18, 2020

Help bring broadband to all of Washington

Dear Colleague,

Access to the internet is an economic and health imperative in 2020. Yet many communities across the state do not have broadband access, severely limiting their ability to access telehealth, education, and economic programs. 

Washington State is mapping broadband access to identify service gaps and work to ensure that all residents have access to reliable, high-speed broadband by 2024. You can help by taking a 1-minute access and speed survey.

Without access to broadband, families can’t access education for their children, connect to doctors, apply for work or financial assistance, or maintain important social connections while isolated. 

The Yakima Valley Broadband Action Team

The Yakima Valley Community Foundation is partnering with local nonprofits and agencies to ensure that “the internet isn’t a luxury” in the Yakima valley or anywhere. Washington Nonprofits is proud to support them as they work towards their goal of 100,000 complete internet speed tests by the end of next month. Add to the data on your community by taking a 1-minute survey. Your survey is valuable no matter where you live or work (and you can take it multiple times if you wish).

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