Let's Go Legal! The right road to compliance and protection

Your nonprofit’s mission is important. Let’s Go Legal is here to help you achieve it and stay compliant in the process.

This course will get you started on a road to compliance by thinking of your nonprofit like a car. Just like a car, you need to register your nonprofit and know how to operate the organization. There are state and federal rules of the road to follow. Your nonprofit needs money and resources (fuel) to power the organization. The people in the car matter too, these are your nonprofit’s valuable workers. Lastly, similar to cars, every organization has a unique look and feel as well as special materials that you may want to protect.

Law is complicated and can seem like a maze of rules. Laws exist to protect your organization and show the community that your nonprofit is legitimate. Your organization can take some simple steps to build a strong foundation to achieve its mission. This course contains basic educational information about nonprofit law, and you should consult an attorney about your nonprofit’s specific circumstances.

At the end of each chapter is a checklist that you can use to examine your organization’s legal and compliance practices. Use the checklist to identify outstanding tasks and keep track of due dates. Policy examples and additional resources are included so that you can customize this information to your organization.

Important Note: This information is provided for educational purposes only and does not constitute legal or technical advice. If you are unsure about anything covered in this course, we suggest that you contact the appropriate agency or seek professional advice.

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