Since the pandemic, the relationship between employees and employers has been thoroughly examined across the country and the results are in… people’s way of relating to their work has changed. Whether you’re talking about the great resignation, quiet quitting, or burnout, you’re circling the same issue. These are all a response to challenges existing within organizational culture and leadership. So how do we reverse course, and create organizational cultures that empower leaders and well-position our organizations to attract, develop, and retain talent?

Join us for our next Innovation Summit: Overcoming Burnout & Embracing Healing. Our first in-person Summit, this event provides an opportunity for nonprofit leaders to separate from the day-to-day demands of leadership, come together and explore new ways to build healthy, supportive, and impactful organizations. Across a series of sessions, this all-day event will focus on building the individual’s skills to care for themselves, build community among peers, and explore best practices for transforming organizational cultures.

And, on May 3rd we are starting early with a special online 90-minute webinarLeading on Empty, to start exploring practices for yourself and organization before the Summit.

Summit sessions include:

Creating healthy nonprofit cultures

As a leader, you are 100% committed. And you know creating an organizational culture that advances equity and justice, and achieves your mission, requires ongoing effort and investment — from everyone. And the calorie burn is palpable. As an organization, you feel stuck. Despite working harder than ever, your efforts feel continually unhealthy and ineffective. In this session we will unpack how this experience isn’t a personal flaw — it’s a human phenomenon called Immunity to Change that can be triggered by uncertainty and complexity. Leadership Coach Meghann McNiff will show us how to identify your internal barriers to change and practice creatively forging new pathways to improve your impact, experience more joy and fulfillment, and achieve what matters most.

STEP Into Healthy Organizational Cultures 

STEP Into Healthy Organizational Cultures is designed to increase your understanding of the impact of stress and trauma on your well-being socially, psychologically, behaviorally, and emotionally, and to help you increase skills to manage the increased stressors and burdens so common during these difficult and challenging times. Led by Facilitator and Executive Director Ryan Oelrich, STEP (Stress Trauma Education Program) utilizes evidence-based practices to reduce stress and prevent trauma-related problems.

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