Member Spotlight: Tieton Arts & Humanities

August 15, 2017

Finding Sustainable Ways to Serve its Community

Tieton Arts and Humanities creates and implements artistic and cultural programs in Tieton, Washington. Like many nonprofits, it needed to find sustainable opportunities for local and regional engagement and celebration. It therefore re-invented its summer youth program, enhancing it by hiring a local artist who has introduced fun, engaging art projects. The program has also been able to partner with the Tieton Library and their summer reading program to expand its summer offerings.

Tieton Arts and Humanities holds community at the heart of its focus. In 2013 the National Endowment for the Arts awarded a $50,000 grant to jumpstart the Tieton Mosaic project that re-invents Tieton’s rural landscape. Inspired by the region’s strong agricultural history and fruit label design, the Project provides a new sustainable artisan business, increased tourism, and a sense of local pride among the community.

Megan Newell leads Tieton Arts & Humanities. She has attended multiple workshops with Washington Nonprofits, “an excellent opportunity to connect to other organizations as well as build a sense of camaraderie and community.”

On August 12th, Tieton Arts and Humanities will open its 10 x 10 x 10 Tieton art exhibition running until October 8th. More info can be found here

Thanks for all that you do!

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