Results from our statewide survey are ready!

As increased government funding flows into the state for pandemic recovery efforts, longstanding challenges with the contracting process are getting in the way of equitably and effectively putting those resources to work to support impacted communities. In response, Washington Nonprofits launched a survey on the state of government contracting this past Winter. We and asked nonprofits in Washington to tell us about their experiences. Our survey sought to fully capture these challenges and offer compelling solutions. We are now excited to announce the release of our report, Nonprofit Experiences with Government Contracting: Challenges & Recommendations.

What We Learned

We learned that over 60% of nonprofits have been impacted in some form by the complexity and burden of contracting processes. More than half have been impacted by financial constraints created by government contracting. Disaggregated data shows that Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC)-led organizations are disproportionately impacted by challenges related to financial constraints.

Policy solutions put forth by survey respondents are comprehensive and varied. Washington Nonprofits is calling for the creation of a bipartisan legislative workgroup to bring together nonprofits and state government representatives to study this issue and identify ways to improve the process and maximize community benefit.

Are you interested in advocating for change? Please join our list of people who care about this issue by emailing emailing Daniel Parkhurst, Director of Policy and Engagement.

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