Member Spotlight: Wenatchee River Institute

September 15, 2017

Wenatchee River InstituteSince joining Washington Nonprofits, Wenatchee River Institute Executive Director Patrick Walker said one of the most surprising aspects of attending workshops and conferences is “how easily you can make a change by following the examples of others.”

Fundraising is one example where easy to follow solutions yield quick and effective results. “The number one tool for us was Jim Shapiro’s fundraising strategies [learned when] we attended our first conference.” These new fundraising ideas helped WRI step up its fundraising program and adopt a visual management system has been extremely useful when working with staff.

Partnership is another big idea that can be hard to implement. Yet one of WRI’s strongest partnerships has been with the local school district to enhance science learning. By identifying the needs of the schools and offering courses on sustainability and the Wenatchee River watershed, youth are able to have a consistent education in environmental science.

Wenatchee River Institute works to connect people, communities, and the natural world. They provide adult educational programs, year-round outdoor youth environmental science, and a barrier-free access to nature. Wenatchee River Institute has a rotating and diverse event calendar you can find at

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