What Makes People Care?

November 19, 2019
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Think about the last, great novel you read. For me, it’s Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson. I would describe it as a space opera, political thriller, and environmental treatise all in one. Two out of three of those are not my jam, but I was riveted through all 572 pages. When I run into interpersonal conflict, I now understand it through the lens of Red Mars. It helps me imagine the different factions complexly—I empathize with their internal and external motivations. Reading Red Mars changed how I act and move in the world.

What if your nonprofit could change how people act and move in the world? What if you knew the science behind what makes people care?

Ann Searight Christiano is the Frank Karel Chair in Public Interest Communications at the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications. She understands why your nonprofit’s mission is critical. She’s made a career communicating the importance of social issues like housing, education, and mental health. Better yet, she can give you a science-based framework for convincing people to care about your mission.

“…social change activists need to use behavioral science to craft campaigns that use messaging and concrete calls to action that get people to change how they feel, think, or act, and as a result create long-lasting change.”
-Ann Christiano and Ann Neimand, “Stop Raising Awareness Already”

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Ineffective beauty products use the language of science to convince you that they work. They have the benefit of sector-wide research, focus groups, and surveys to drive their advertising strategies. Don’t you wish your nonprofit had those resources to communicate real information about issues that matter? Research-based frameworks can help you change behavior on homelessness, food security, or access to healthcare.

Those beliefs and behaviors will only change if thoughtful, dedicated people like you have access to the right tools. We understand that your time and resources are stretched thin. Hearing Christiano’s keynote will help you invest the right resources into an effective communication strategy to meet your goals. On April 7, take a day away from your interminable to-do list and learn how to share the work with people who care.




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