1. Workers deserve clear communications about job expectations and honest, timely feedback on their performance.
  2. Employers have a duty to protect workers from hazardous conditions, harassment, or other inappropriate behavior.
  3. Performance reviews provide an opportunity to celebrate worker strengths and accomplishments, improve performance, and set growth goals.
  4. Prioritize investments in worker training and development to help individuals and teams grow skills and knowledge that improve their ability to do their work well.

Here are some questions to think about...

Capture your responses in a notebook or shared document with your team.

  • What are your nonprofit’s policies and procedures for granting different types of worker leave?
  • What is your work style? How does your work style help or hinder your ability to manage other workers
  • Currently, how do workers at your nonprofit address and work through conflicts? Are there ways to better support workers who are navigating conflicts?

Next steps...

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