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  1. Nonprofits are subject to various safety and health-related laws and regulations. OSHA (federal agency) sets the requirements that all employers must follow, unless state laws are stricter. In that case, employers follow the state law.
  2. Chapter 3 address five actions every nonprofit with staff should take to be compliant with Washington State safety and health laws pertaining to employers:
    1. Have a safety committee or monthly safety meeting (depending on the criteria your organization meets)
    2. Create a written Accident Prevention Program
    3. Provide a safety bulletin board in any workplace that has eight or more employees
    4. Provide for first aid, both in terms of people and supplies
    5. Provide functioning portable fire extinguishers and training
    A wrench and hammer


    As you assess how your organization is following safety and health laws, think about the following questions.

    • Of the five actions addressed in Chapter 3, how many are currently implemented at your nonprofit? If there are actions that need to be implemented, how might the staff and/or board react to steps taken to be compliant? What feelings, questions, or concerns may come up?
    • Preventative safety and health actions take a commitment of time and resources. How can your organization leverage existing resources to ensure safety and health laws are met?
    • At your nonprofit, who are the safety and health leaders?
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