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Safety and Health in Nonprofits

Seven percent of employees in Washington work in nonprofit organizations. Nonprofit leaders and workers are usually focused on serving their communities, not on compliance and administrative requirements related to operating a small business. Limitations on time, funding, and technical knowledge make it challenging to navigate and follow safety and health laws, rules, and regulations.

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Safety & Health in Nonprofits pulls together information customized to nonprofits to help organizations operationalize safety and health practices. There are many components to safety and health compliance, and the guide provides tools that board and staff members can put into action now. Strengthen your mission and protect your assets by spending time understanding safety and health, and how it relates to the work of your organization.

Workers in Nonprofits Guide

Workers in Nonprofits Guide

Download the Workers in Nonprofits Guide for all the activities, worksheets, and reflection questions in one convenient PDF.

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What We Cover in Safety and Health in Nonprofits

Start the Safety and Health in Nonprofits Course to work through the material in interactive lessons including videos, activities, and more.


Start by learning about nonprofit safety and health, including who is involved and why it is important to your organization

Create a Safety and Health Culture

This chapter breaks down the three elements of culture and gives practical ways to create a stronger safety and health culture within your organization.

Follow the Law


Find Solutions


Get Safety Specific


Safety and Health Videos

Check out these Safety and Health in Nonprofits videos and continue learning. 

Document Vault

Check out these documents and templates to deepen your learning and help put what you learned into practice.

Workers in Nonprofits Guide

Download the Workers in Nonprofits Guide for all the activities, worksheets, and reflection questions in one ...

Overtime Salary Threshold Tool

Overtime Salary Threshold Tool from Nonprofit Association of Washington

Sample Whistleblower Policy

Sample Whistleblower Policy from Charity Review Council

Sample Anti-Discrimination Policy

Sample Anti-Discrimination Policy

Sample At-Will Policy

Sample At-Will Employment Policy

Sample Confidentiality Agreement

Sample Confidentiality Agreement from National Council of Nonprofits

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Workers in Nonprofits

Important Note: This information is provided for educational purposes only and does not constitute legal or technical advice. If you are unsure about anything covered in Safety & Health in Nonprofits, we suggest you contact the appropriate agency, safety official, or attorney. Also, laws impacting organizations change over time. The information contained in this guide may become out of date.

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