When people are not meeting requirements or achieving expected results, most often the conclusion is more training is needed. Insufficient  training is only one of several possible barriers to consider. Action Mapping explores four barriers – environment, tools, knowledge/skills, and emotions – that may prevent people from achieving expected results. This tool works from the actions and behaviors you want practiced to understand how to reduce the impact of possible barriers and generate solutions.

What is the tool

Action Mapping is a way to identify barriers that prevent people from achieving anticipated results, as well as come up with solutions to remove these barriers. 

Source: The Action Mapping tool provided in this guide is adapted from the tools developed by Cathy Moore. On the Action at Work website, you can find an overview, tools, an interactive workflow graphic, checklists, and more.

When to use the tool

Action Mapping can be used when people are not meeting requirements or achieving expected result.

How to use the tool

The Action Map Worksheet includes an example guiding graphic and a blank worksheet for you to complete. Begin by describing your organization’s safety and health goal as well as related actions. Be specific in terms of what the actions would look, sound, or feel like. Use anonymous surveys, focus groups, observations, and/or data to help with understanding why people are not doing the needed actions and discover possible barriers. Lastly, put plans in place to address identified solutions.

A Note about Training: Training alone is not effective in changing behavior. Learning must be supported by practice and accountability. Over time people naturally forget, and your organization has the ability to counteract forgetting through regular reminders, checklists and other job aids, simulations, and practice. A good training program provides knowledge, supportive tools, opportunities to practice, and accountability in the months after the training.

A wrench and hammer

Tool: Action Mapping

Download the Action Map Worksheet to use with your board or at a safety committee meeting. Be sure to make plans to address the issues you identify during the exercise. 

Action Map Worksheet

Use this Action Map Worksheet to capture your goal, related actions, and possible barriers along with solutions. 


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