Every nonprofit experiences a unique set of safety and health challenges based on their work and situation. At the same time, there is a common set of issues that many nonprofits face. This chapter sets out to address the top challenges faced by nonprofits in Washington.

In 2019, NAWA invited nonprofits across Washington to share about safety and health challenges faced by their organizations. NAWA received a sampling of the type of work people do. The table below lists the challenge and the percent of respondents who face the challenge. Does your organization face any of these challenges? 

Percent of Respondents
Desk work
Safe travel
Working with vulnerable populations
Food handling
Low budget spaces
Physical exertion

Each of the following topics outline the challenge, describes some potential actions to take, and provides additional resources to help address the challenge. A single page resource is also available for each topic. You can share the single page document at a board, staff, safety committee, or safety meeting.

As you use these resources, remember to:

  • Consult the Safety & Health Checklist
  • Using the tools provided in Chapter 4, conduct a review of the challenges facing your organization.
  • Engage your nonprofit’s safety committee or staff through safety meetings.
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