1. Every nonprofit faces a unique set of safety and health challenges. There are six areas that are common to most nonprofits in Washington:
    • Desk work
    • Safe travel
    • Working with vulnerable populations
    • Food safety
    • Low-budget spaces
    • Physical exertion
  2. Evaluating your organization to identify which type of workplace safety and health challenges apply is important.


As you get safety specific, think about the following reflection questions.

  • Which of the six workplace challenges apply to your organization?
  • How can you use the resource pages in this chapter to improve the safety and health of your workplace? Who can you share these resource pages with?
  • For the areas covered in this chapter, does your organization have any best practices? Remember to celebrate your successes!
A person reading a book with a lightbulb over their head, like they have an idea.


  • Identify one of the six safety specific resource pages, and go over the content at your next safety committee, safety meeting, or board meeting.
  • Choose one of the six areas and explore all the links and additional reading listed under the Resource section
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