1. Efficient and effective board operations, which include regular board meetings, are a critical component of advancing a nonprofit’s work.
  2. Nonprofits must keep a copy of the following records permanently: minutes of all board meetings, all actions taken by the board by unanimous written consistent, and all actions taken on behalf of the nonprofit by a board committee.
  3. Forming committees can increase board capacity for more well-rounded decision-making and create opportunities for board members to focus work on their areas of interest.
  4. For nonprofits with staff, setting clear roles and responsibilities between the board and staff strengthens relationships, reduces interpersonal conflicts, and focuses people on the organization’s mission.

Here are some questions to think about...

  • Why are efficient and effective board operations important to your nonprofit? How would you describe efficient and effective operations for your board and organization?
  • Think about how your board is organized. How could a change to the way the board is organized enhance the board’s overall efficiency and effectiveness?
  • To create more space to think about future opportunities and challenges, how can the board strengthen practices related to meetings and completing functions?

Next steps...

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