Workers in nonprofits should reflect the people you serve and the people you are in community with every day. Your organization should develop an approach to recruitment that aligns with your values and employer philosophy and creates a welcoming process for all possible applicants. This process is an opportunity to reflect and take action.


Ask yourself the following questions as you lay out your recruitment plan. Capture your answers in a notebook or a shared document with your team.

What are your recruitment goals?

Think about…

  • Desired number of applicants
  • Desired date to fill the position by
  • Specific skills and knowledge, lived experiences, and abilities you are looking for in applicants

Do you have a recruitment strategy in place?

Think about…

  • Types of applicants you want to reach
  • Different ways to reach desired applicants
  • Recruitment support needs from within and outside your organization
  • Each step of your recruitment and hiring process – do not create unnecessary barriers for applicants

What will it take to carry out your recruitment strategy?

Think about…

  • Networks your organization is a part of
  • Places to post and share your job announcement
  • People, partners, and groups that can help you get the word out about job openings

After you hire, do you take time to reflect and evaluate the recruitment process?

Think about…

  • What went well and what could be improved
  • Updates and refinements to make now in preparation for future opportunities

    Go beyond your typical job posting platforms – engage your networks, current and former staff as opportunity ambassadors, local community-based publications, cultural organizations, faith-based groups, and more. Think creatively with your team and remember this is a chance to build relationships that will support your nonprofit’s work now and in the future.

    Applicants are more and more likely to find your job posting online, so think about how you can share that online posting. Instead of only putting it up in the usual spaces, like or, you can also post job opportunities in local blogs or online newspapers that have a more direct connection to your community. You can also use other media types like radio and print newspapers.

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