Action Alert: COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Plan for Nonprofit Workers

December 16, 2020

The Washington State Department of Health has released their current COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Plan, which is currently open for comment and feedback.

Nonprofits across Washington have been at the frontline of the coronavirus, working to help our communities and our families. And as we look towards 2021 and a vaccine distribution plan, we must include nonprofits, our employees, and our essential volunteers. Food banks, homeless shelters, and so many others are dependent in part and sometimes in whole on our volunteers.

Please submit comments to the Washington State Department of Health and encourage them to include and plan for nonprofits, our employees, and our volunteers when considering essential workers.

Sample Comment: As you define essential workers, please consider the many nonprofit service providers who are continuing to provide food, shelter, housing, childcare, disability services, healthcare and other essential supports to our communities and families. Grassroots food banks, homeless services, and so many more have staff and volunteers who have been consistently putting themselves at risk on the front lines to meet the unprecedented demand of COVID-19. Volunteers must be included in vaccination access.

While comments will be considered on a rolling basis, we encourage you to submit yours today!

All comments must be 500 characters or less. 

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