Action Alert: Nonprofit Community Letter Sign-On CORPS Act

July 29, 2020

Take action now to support national service during COVID-19

Dear Colleague,

Congress is currently negotiating around the next federal aid package in response to COVID-19, and we need your voice to support national service and throughout our recovery from the pandemic.

The current stimulus proposal does not include the CORPS Act, which invests in the strong and capable national service infrastructure that can respond to specific local needs. Expanding AmeriCorps and strengthening Senior Corps will help communities with food distribution, supporting students, ensuring that vulnerable individuals continue to receive their medications, and supporting public health needs.


(Deadline for signing is 3:00 PM EST Thursday, July 30, 2020, organizations only)

The CORPS Act will support young people to gain experience, skills, a living stipend and post-service education scholarship at a time when employment opportunities are scarce. The Act also invests in Senior Corps programs and community volunteer programs so that older Washingtonians can continue to invest their time and talent in communities virtually. The Volunteer Generation Funding included will support our nonprofits and volunteer centers to re-engage volunteers in the new COVID environment which requires additional training, safety, and technology supports. Finally, it will prioritize expanding programs in rural and high poverty communities.

Please take a moment now to add your organization’s voice to the need to support national service.

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