It’s here! The Washington Nonprofits Slack Community is a space for people who work, volunteer, and consult with nonprofits in Washington state to connect, collaborate, and strengthen the sector. This communication platform allows for conversations, sharing of relevant information, and brainstorming solutions. Let’s take a closer look at channels you can join.

Channels are a way to organize topics and conversations into dedicated spaces.  We can join or leave channels based on our interest and it’s easier to find information on a particular topic later. In fact, Slack stands for “Searchable Log of All Communication and Knowledge.”

Currently, we have three private channels and several public channels. Public means that all members of our Slack workspace can join, and anything posted is searchable by others. Private channels require approved access. To join the private channels, simply message Alex Panagotacos in Slack or via email ([email protected]).

When you join the Washington Nonprofits Slack Community, you are automatically added to some of the public channels, but not all.  When you create your account, Slack should automatically add you to the following channels:

  • #introductions – introduce yourself here.
  • #general – This is the one channel that will always include everyone. It’s a great spot for announcements and sector-wide conversations.
  • #currently-reading – for relevant articles and stories
  • #funding – for sharing grant opportunities
  • #policy-updates – policy changes impacting the sector
  • #prof-devt-and-training – training and workshop opportunities
  • #slack-help – have issues or questions? This is the place.
  • #random-just4fun – think of this as the virtual “water cooler.” This is the place for pictures of your dog, your front yard in winter, or funny jokes

These additional channels are open for you to join:

  • #rural – for discussion and information specific to rural nonprofits
  • #espanol – for Spanish speakers
  • #funding – for sharing funding opportunities
  • #jobs – employment opportunities
  • #equity – discussion and learning about diversity, equity, and inclusion and related topics.
  • #board – nonprofit board governance, board recruitment ideas and related topics
  • #volunteer-mgmt – for folks who support/lead volunteers
  • #kittitas-npn – for members of the Kittitas Nonprofit Network

We currently offer three private channels for those who identify with specific communities. Contact Alex Panagotacos to join.

  • #bipoc –Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color
  • #lgbtq2s – Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning, and Two-Spirit + folks
  • #ed-ceo – executive directors and CEOs

Join channels that are relevant to you and your work and say hello to the people there! Bring your ideas, your questions, your connections, and your experiences into these spaces.

To celebrate the launching of our Slack Nonprofit Community, we’re having a party on July 21. And there will be prizes! Here’s all you need do to enter the drawing:

  1. Join Slack (you can join here:
  2. Post something to Slack or comment on a post (the Introductions channel doesn’t count) between now and July 21
  3. Attend the Slack Launch Party July 21 (register here)

Prizes include:

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