The Community Consulting Project (CCP) is accepting clients for executive coaching services. The coaches are all experienced practitioners who can help you navigate and lead through this unprecedented time. The coach and client will negotiate the frequency of the sessions based on mutual needs and expectations.

Are you thinking about requesting a coach through CCP? And perhaps wondering what kinds of areas are typically addressed in a coaching relationship? CCP has offered coaching in three sessions: 2018, 2019, and a shortened opportunity in response to the pandemic in 2020. Over that time we have worked with EDs from across Washington State, rural and urban, serving diverse communities, leading small to mid-size organizations. Almost all of the EDs we have coached have expressed their appreciation of having an outside, non-involved support person to talk with.

Common themes among ED requests:

  • navigating the ED-board relationship in all aspects
  • supervising staff, including addressing conflict, staff performance and development, and team building
  • setting priorities and boundaries for oneself in a leadership role as well as for the organization as a whole (including your first workplan as a brand new ED)
  • coping with the unknown during the pandemic
  • stepping back to reflect on the wider trajectory of your professional life and its future

Interested leaders should send an email explaining a little about why you are interested in receiving CCP coaching to Daniel Macca at [email protected]. He will speak with you to better understand your goals and match you with a coach if there is a good match available.

The Community Consulting Partnership

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