Moving a nonprofit’s mission forward often means putting food onto shelves, furniture into place, plants into the ground, or people into vehicles. People bend, lift, push, and pull through the course of work, and hopefully avoid sprains and strains that can come from physical exertion.

Possible causes of injury from physical exertion include:

  • Repetitive motion
  • Improper lifting
  • Working in an awkward position


Some actions you might consider taking include:

  • Floor surfaces: If people stand for long periods of time, invest in shock absorbing floor mats.
  • Work stations: Organize key functions into work stations, such as a shipping station or a food prep station.
  • Hand trucks: Provide hand trucks or carry cases with wheels to reduce the need to lift heavy items.
  • Shelving: Take heavy items off of high shelves. Place heavy items on lower shelves that are accessible to a hand truck.
  • Training: Make sure people are trained on issues related to physical exertion, such as proper lifting techniques. Practice together to build good habits.

Physical Exertion One-Pager

Download the Physical Exertion Resource to share at your next safety committee meeting, safety meeting, or board meeting.

Physical Exertion Resource

Actions you can take and resources to help you tackle health and safety challenges related to physical exertion.


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