During the Washington State Nonprofit Conference, we announced that Washington Nonprofits has become Nonprofit Association of Washington (NAWA). For over 10 years, Washington Nonprofits has been committed to making sure nonprofits have what they need to succeed. It is at the heart of what we do, but we know we can do this work better… together.

Over the last year, our staff and board updated our mission, vision, and values to better reflect how we help nonprofits learn, advocate, and collaborate to make a real difference.

An association allows for communication across differences, regions, race, economic status—it brings together all the different groups working to achieve healthy, collaborative, economically vital, and civically engaged communities. We are your association, and we need to reflect the diversity and voices of our complex state.

In this spirit, the organization formerly known as Washington Nonprofits is inviting you to join Nonprofit Association of Washington (NAWA).

Not only have we rebranded with a new name and colorful icon to better reflect the vibrant work we do across the state, but we launched a new website to better serve you. 

Thank you to all of our members and community supporters for your input throughout this process! We look forward to continuing to serve nonprofits and communities across Washington under our new identity.

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