1. Be sure to properly classify all workers into the correct job classification. For paid employees, remember that exempt workers must meet a list of job duties requirements and a minimum salary threshold to qualify for overtime-exemption.
  2. Most employers are subject to anti-discrimination laws like Title VII of the Civil Rights Act governed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (federal) and the Washington State Law Against Discrimination governed by the Human Rights Commission (state).
  3. Under the Washington Equal Pay and Opportunities Act, employers cannot ask an applicant for their wage history or require a minimum prior salary to be considered for a position.
  4. During interviews, ensure you ask each applicant the same questions, and use open-ended, job-related questions so applicants can give examples that highlight their experience and skills.

Here are some questions to think about...

Capture your responses in a notebook or shared document with your team.

  • Do you thoroughly review the job duties of worker opportunities to ensure they are properly classified?
  • For current workers, do you reassess their job classifications when their job duties or wages change to verify they are still classified correctly?
  • Who are your key community partners that can help share job opportunities and connect you with exceptional applicants?
  • How would you describe your nonprofit’s current process to review and evaluate applicants? Is the process clear, standardized, and easily explainable?

Next steps...

  • If you have opportunities for workers under the age of 18, there are specific laws and rules employers must follow. Learn more on L&I’s webpage on How to Hire Minors.
  • Think about the essential skills for your worker opportunity and shape an application process that helps you assess an applicant’s capabilities. For many jobs, organizations ask for a cover letter and resume. What are some other ways you can shape an application and interview process to collect relevant information and evaluate an applicant’s alignment to the essential skills and experiences?
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