We know that most nonprofits are unable to hire a human resources (HR) specialist and may need additional support to complete HR duties and comply with local, state, and federal regulations. For this reason, Nonprofit Association of Washington partnered with the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries for employer outreach and education efforts to specifically support nonprofits. After completing a listening tour with various sized nonprofits across the state, we gained clarity on where employer compliance knowledge gaps exist as well as insights and input to tailor resources, materials, and desired learning opportunities.

From the listening tour, several themes emerged around the lifecycle of nonprofit workers, workplace safety, Washington state overtime rules, and a lack of connection with state agencies. Looking at resources we have available now like the Safety and Health in Nonprofits toolkit, and reflecting on what we heard most frequently, we focused on tools to support employers through the lifecycle of nonprofit workers from understanding your organization’s needs to recruiting and onboarding to supporting transitions.

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